Dec 11, 2000

Damn. Again.

Frig. My damn laptop broke AGAIN. Trying to set up the desktop so I don't have to go thru withdrawal when I send this damn thing to be fixed. AGAIN. The same desktop that I just upgraded to Micro de Sade's Win ME (from 98) at great expense to my weekend.

Now can't get Odigo to connect to ICQ. Dammit!

May 17, 2000

Pen Junkie

I, too, am a pen junkie. I keep thinking, "yeah, this one will make my handwriting legible". Right.

May 14, 2000


The lengths some guys will go to not to stop and ask for directions. But isn't this headline a little premature?

May 13, 2000


Could he be *less* focused on the job?