Jan 3, 2009

Neighborly Watch

Welcome to my neighbourhood

Image by • MAH7 via Flickr

It’s always disheartening to see problems like this, neighbors suing neighbors. You might not want to be the best of friends, and you certainly don’t need to be living next to someone who drives you nuts. But neighbors are kinda like family – you can’t pick ‘em, but you do need to deal with ‘em.

I know someone who had neighbors they didn’t get along with. It was years and years of not acknowledging the other’s presence, being the one house you didn’t visit on Halloween or Christmas, of putting the wrong mail back in the mailbox and hoping they did the same for you. You may not want someone living next door who is constantly stopping by, or asking a million questions about that car in your driveway the other day, or telling you how to raise your kids. But neighbors who can’t get along at all is another kind of hell.

Many years have passed and all the kids are grown and gone. Most of the other neighbors have moved, or died, and there are new people who don’t introduce themselves like people once did. Being the last of the old crowd, they are finally becoming friends because…well, if you drop dead in your backyard, who else is gonna see?

Something to think about.

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