Jun 19, 2005

While reading this post at Ishbadiddle, I remembered that I still had quite a few slash pocket folders. I can use them to gather my project papers instead of the clear plastic coverslips. Fits my reuse/recycle contribution to the planet, and I prefer them to plastic anyway. Those damn plastic sleeves keep sliding around on me, and I have enough trouble herding these projests as it is.

Jun 11, 2005

Bizwerk: Donald Norman Defends Cheating

I hadn't thought of things this way, but there is a difference between "cheating" and "collaboration" or even research. I don't think our public schools prepare students for life "on the outside" anyway. If I had to memorize everything I needed to know and never use my skills for research I would have been culled from the herd a long time ago.

Jun 10, 2005

I've separated my feeds between two readers: Bloglines for the entertaining, non-biz oriented ones, and Newsgator for the career and biz-oriented feeds. That way, I don't find myself straying into Dooce territory followed by That Crazy Neighbor Lady when I should really be focusing on the job...