Jan 30, 2008


Excellent post by Twitter/Seesmic friend, Deek Deekster. When will we realize that objectifying women has consequences? Change the object, look at it a different way, and see if your righteousness still stands. Why can't these advertisers try looking at these ads with their perhaps, daughter, in that spotlight? Would they be as quick to defend?

Maybe they should consider what their mothers would think.

Blog of Funk: Ryanair Schoolgirl Scandal

Jan 25, 2008

Jan 24, 2008

Bloggers in safety vests

Webcam? Check. Video-phone? Check. Safety vest? Check.

Media Law: Reg Requires Media to Wear Safety Vests

eCirkit advertising

Wow! Join this and you are surrounded by expensive cars and beautiful women! Your coordination improves and you can skateboard with the best of them. And the cycles - look what you can do with those! Not to mention that all your data belong to us... And free! What a deal! What a lifestyle!

eCirkit - Social Media WebTop Goes Live

Jan 6, 2008

Marketing and social responsibilities

Marketing to children who are not old enough to have a job, or a checking account/credit card/means to pay on their own is pure and simple greed. How can you justify this? Very few children can read and understand nutritional content labels, fiber content labels, warning labels, etc. Might as well be marketing dog food to the dog itself.

apophenia: what are marketing and advertising's social responsibilities wrt youth?