Feb 28, 2005

"Oddly, the woman who boasted her “non-negotiable” stance that moms forgo outside work is the same one who has forbidden her daughter to color her hair until the girl is paying her own way. This is a daughter who — if she accepts mom’s value set — could one day be a stay-at-home mom dependent on a man who’ll pay her bills. Will he also be in charge of her hair color then?"

You know, I never thought about it that way. But she's got a point. And a good one.

Feb 25, 2005

Well, I've done it. I've hired a lawyer, and I am sueing my school district. Someday soon I hope to be able to post about why I'm sueing the school district, but it's all still too raw.

Let's just say, next time they will think twice about jerking the single mom around because she can't possibly have enough money to do anything about it.