Dec 27, 2004

Bit slippery on the way to work. And of course, there's the hot-shots with them big ol' plows on the front jes wantin' ya to git outta the way coz they's got some bucks to make fer they git to the taproom tonite. Um, excuse me? That dark patch up there. That's ice. It don't care that you got you a big ol' plow on the front. Spin you like a top anyway. So I'm taking my time to get to my destination, mkay? Because I allowed travel time for the weather conditions. And I don't feel like testing out my airbag, thankuverymuch.

I'd also like to get back home in one piece.

So git offa my ass!

Dec 21, 2004

Ah, the Fates are screwing with me again. A water pipe broke in this cold snap. but fortunately I was home when in happened, that short break between clients. I can't imagine what a nightmare I would have come home to if it had happened while I was gone. So thank you, Fates, for that at least. And it's a pipe that's in the garage, so I won't need it until the Spring thaw.

Now I just have to figure out who, how, and what I need to do to fix the damn thing. Home maintenance is not my forte, and brings with it one of the few times I wish there was a man around the house not of the feline kind.

Dec 11, 2004

Gave an advance on allowance to buy some presents for me, grandparents, teachers and friends with a "stern admonishment" to budget it and get me a decent present. So what does she do? Out of $50.00, she spends about $32.00 on herself.

Where did I go wrong?

Dec 1, 2004

Oh please. Why would they put the damn thing in the middle of his back? Wouldn't the waist hide it better. Cripes.

Besides, you'd undoubtedly keep hearing him go "What? Is this thing on?"