Oct 30, 2005

Well, I think I'll be stuck here for a few days.

Oct 22, 2005

Commentator Bob Sloan shares some basic truths and the story of the ugly dog who taught them to him.

Oct 17, 2005

The Gift of ADHD: "We heard a lot of negative impact from ADHA (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Studies suggests people with ADHA can have some unique gifts and attributes, like naturally creative and being more impulsive on thoughts: … To think daringly original thoughts and to create new ideas or perspectives requires impulsiveness. Impulsiveness is the urge to do things [...]"

Well, now, isn't it about time somebody realized that since we don't all look alike, talk like, walk like, sound alike, etc., etc., etc. - maybe that we don't all learn alike isn't so strange? Who determines who is "deficient" and who is the norm? What if those who can too easily pay attention to just one thing at a time are the drones?

Oh, yes. One of the hardest things for most over-acheivers to do is Knowing When To Quit. It's so easy for it to feel like a failure, when it's really exercising good judgment. After all, you wouldn't buy everything in the store just because you wanted it at that moment, would you?

Well, only if you had more money than mental capacity...

Oct 15, 2005

I'm always wondering what the heck is going on behind the scenes. This site can help me figure it out, so I'm blogging it to help me find it again.