Mar 12, 2009

Madoff Madness

The Harder They Come, The Harder They Fall

Image by Runs With Scissors via Flickr

What can you say about Bernie Madoff? That he is: greedy, a sociopath, out-of-touch, brilliantly evil, mad? A study in the addiction of conspicuous consumption?

I think he’s the perfect symbol of a system/society/class  completely out of touch. Out of touch with the world around them – the real world, that is – and the lives of the people in it. Not only did he scam the greedy and selfish you could care less are suffering, he scammed the good, the helpful, the altruistic and kind. As though they were all characters in an entertaining novel or game. Was it ever just greed, or did it cross the line into sport? You know, like a tv drama that shows a rich man who suddenly has a thirst for hunting something more challenging – like a human.

I’ve never made up my mind about the death penalty. But I sure wish there was a way we could sentence certain people to scientific study. You know, like a lab rat.

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