Aug 12, 2001

I love to mow. Not.

The intense heat wave has given way to rain, rain, rain. I feel like a prisoner in this house. To step outside kicks in the mild but irritating asthma attack, so the yard is showing the effects of much rain and much neglect. I'll need a machete by the time I'm able to cut the grass.

Aug 1, 2001


I SO admire people who can post interesting things every damn day. Is my life really that boring?

Don't answer that.

It's not all that boring from my end. I just can't imagine it being all that interesting from your end. Raising a child (or trying to), running a business (or trying to), paying the bills (or trying to), keeping my sanity (well, I think I've already lost that battle).

Like today. Got up early, planning on trying the meditation/yoga thing, but on my way to the area I've chosen to do that, I

  • checked my email

  • fed the cat

  • picked up some laundry and threw it in the laundry room

  • tried to get the laptop out of standby

  • made coffee

  • washed a few dishes

  • opened the sunroom windows

Yes, I am the Queen of the Side-tracked. Needless to say, the meditation/yoga thing didn't work out. Of course, I don't know what I'm doing as far as yoga goes, and as for the meditation - if I could turn off all the noises in my head I might get somewhere.

But I did do a few stretches. Does that count?