Feb 21, 2004

Good lord, this thing has gotten f_ugly. In need of an overhaul, but so do so many other things...

Feb 6, 2004

His mother, Tamaqua borough Councilwoman Ann Simard, says Monte has nowhere else to practice.

Now, there seems to be an easy solution to this. I think the poor woman could alleviate the problem with her nerves by taking up a hobby. The tuba, maybe. Or pig calling. Do it early in the morning, before the stress sets in. Very early. Her neighbors will understand, won't they? Good for the goose, and all...

Coach Gary Barnett was concerned that not taking recruits to parties would put the school's football program at a competitive disadvantage.

Well, my goodness, we all know how important those keggers are to being able to play football.

Ok, if this was about recruiting and all that, who was doing the "recruiting"? Other players? Where the f'in h--- were the adults "hosting" this event? Selling tickets at the door?