Dec 28, 2008


Squirrel Raids the Bird Feeder

Image by Noël Zia Lee via Flickr

I have bird feeders right outside of my office window. More than just helping to nourish the local bird population, they provide hours of entertainment. My cats are rather entertained by them too.

Two of the feeders are squirrel-proof. It’s endlessly amusing to see how determined those furry-tailed rodents are to thwart that. They regularly tumble from the feeders into the holly bush underneath, yet determinedly leap out, scale the wall to the roof, and try again. I admire their persistence.

I think I like the squirrels as much as the birds. They don’t sing, and have no colorful plumage, but they are clever in their antics to get at the seed. They try just about anything to get what they want, from hanging upside down, or swinging wildly in the air, or leaping great distances as though determination alone will get them there. I sometimes break down and toss a handful or two of seed on the ground. Oh, alright, often. They’ve taken to sitting up and staring at me, their paws humbly clasped, their big eyes open in a silent “please?” Of course, I give in.

After all, they’ve put on quite a performance. Only fair to pay the price of admission.

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