Jun 27, 2001


Damn, I just love reading Candi's rants. She really lets it fly. He recent posts about guns and crazy mothers were pure screamers.

Take responsibility for your fuck-ups. Any way you want to word it. Pass the buck all you want to - it eventually comes back and lands right in your lap anyway. Stop blaming things on stress, or bad laws, or a lousy childhood. Wake up and pay attention to your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends. How can we be a society with so much to offer but at a loss to locate our basic humanity?

Take the Yates case. What in the world is this women who is so obviously unable to cope doing with five children? After she attempted suicide after the 4th child, did her husband think another one was going to make it easier? Did she need to put up a billboard? This woman was rapidly spiraling downward while her husband sat in the blissful ignorance of his own making.

Yes, what she did was horrible. She should had said "Listen, bud, I'm going to work for awhile. You take care of the kids. And I don't mean a few minutes of basketball. I mean 24/7. Diapers, vomit, tantrums, the whole bit. Have a ball. Just leave me alone."

My guess? He wouldn't have lasted a week.

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