Mar 19, 2008


The building doesn't create the beliefs. The people create the beliefs. I can follow my beliefs anywhere. Remaining among those who have obviously made choices I say I vehemently oppose - then defending them - makes no sense to me.This is a decision that needs to be made. More crucial decisions will come.
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No. A church is a choice. I left a church because it was bigoted toward gays. I left one congregation and the entire Presbyterian Church with it. Oh, one could try to explain their bigotry, to give it context and history, to caution that they should not be tossed aside because of this belief. But that, in my mind, would be every bit as bad as staying in a church or a country club that refused to allow black people in. That would be every bit as bad as refusing to condemn the hate speech of a Pat Robertson or a Jerry Falwell. It would be as bad as trying to explain away the racism of George Wallace or Lester Maddox with context and history. I did not want to endorse or support this church myself and I certainly did not want to raise my children in their atmosphere of discrimination. A church is a choice and I chose to leave.
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