Sep 6, 2004

Monday Madness

1. Please tell us a little bit about your job (or your classes).

Helping Luddites integrate technology into their offices.

2. Do you enjoy your job?

Sometimes. Sometimes I wonder "what was I thinking?"

3. What would make your job more satisfying for you?

Steady work at a decent compensation with a lot of flexibility.

4. Name one thing you don't like about your job.

When the people that hire me aren't ready to take a realistic look at what they need and what they must do to get there.

5. Do you feel you are compensated adequately for what you do?

Are you kidding?

6. Any thoughts on social security and health benefits?

Both are joke. One big joke. They must benefit somebody, but it ain't me.

7. What are your thoughts on the current minimum wage?

The biggest joke of all. Who can live on that?

8. What kind of advice do you (or would you) give your children regarding their future and their career choices?

Never stop educating yourself, do something you love, and always be the boss.

9. What is your 'dream job?'

I just can't put my finger on it. It involves teaching, it involves writing, it involves streamlining small/home business processes at little cost.

10. At what age will you be (or were you) able to retire?


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