Sep 3, 2004

Watched Big Brother last night and there was a portion of the episode I found disturbing. Marvin embarked on a campaign to break up the kissy-kissy alliance between Drew and Diane. A smart move on his part, and Marvin's all about the game. His method is to create jealousy. A simple kiss, in full view of Cowboy, was the weapon of choice. Cowboy, of course, took the bait (little suck-up that he is) and went running to Drew, embellishing all the way. All predictable, with predictable results.


Drew confronts Diane. He choses to fully believe Cowboy, who cloaks his insinuations with a good ol boy shrug, instead of the person for whom he professes to care .

And I saw, in that confrontation between Diane and Drew, a sign that too many women ignore. The mark of an abuser.

Drew, with total seriousness, told Diane he wanted to end it. She was incredulous. As her eyes start to tear he just sits there, his face a mask of finality, staring at her misery. And then, when he feels the power of the upper hand, he adds the final blow. As he pushes her down on the bed, he tells her.

He's only kidding. But if it happens again, he'll do it.

Diane, honey, that man has issues. It's only a matter of time before he's thumpin' more than his bible.

So when the final vote is cast and you leave that house, tell him he's an ass.

Then run.

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