May 28, 2005

Sorry, David, I like to use hanging folders. Saves readjusting the slider in the back of my old, creaky, file drawers, and I like my folders standing up and at attention - plus, I have a lot of them from my color-coding days, and was brought up on the old Puritan ethic: "use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

So my hack is to integrate the colored folders into my GTD system. I assigned one color for me, one for the business, one for the kid, etc. in my alphabetical files. Now, for example, it's a little easier to find something related only to my daughter, or a file of stuff related only to me. Grass green is financial stuff. Generic stuff is still in the generic green. It's not a rainbow of colors, but it helps me make use of what I already have and adds a little more organization to my files.

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