May 30, 2005

Too Many Books, So Little Time

I've resigned myself to the fact that I will never, never, never read all that I want to read. Logically, it would be impossible to live that long!

So I've made a few concessions.

Just as I don't read novels during "business hours", I no longer read business things during leisure hours. That's too much like refusing to leave work. Gotta put an end to it sometime.

I no longer feel the need to obsessively read every freakin' word. What was that all about? The reading police were going to come and arrest me if I skimmed a boring paragraph now and then? Sometimes I skim practically the entire book now - I can get the idea of what it's about, and I can always go back to it later if I want more depth.

And some are just resigned to the "ain't gonna happen" list. I'll never read everything I want to, just like I'll never be twenty again. And really, neither one of those is all that bad...

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