Nov 16, 2003


1. The first car I ever drove was a...

Ford Maverick. The color was Hula-blue. Such a clever play-on-words. (If anyone understands that, it will seriously date me.) I was rather intrigued by the clever commercialism of it.

2. My dream car is...

One I haven't found yet. A small but roomy, little care creation. That can slough off dirt like the coat of an Eskimon Spitz. Sleek, elegant lines on a sturdy, rugged frame. Not the stuff of glitzy commercials, but a jump-in-and-drive-rugged creation with an understated air of elegance. Like an evening gown with cowboy boots.

3. Can you drive a vehicle with a stick shift? If yes, how long did it take you to learn?

Yes. The learning curve was short and pertrifying. The bonding of car and driver was always easy for me. I fleetingly considered the life of a racecar driver, but could not reconcile with the purposelessness of the trip.

4. What is the fastest you have ever driven?

Some insane speed on the turnpike. Keeping up with the rest of the traffic until I considered the possibility of what any one of the idiots around me could do.

5. How many people you have crammed into a vehicle at one time?

8 or 9, in a Volkswagon Beetle. For a 3 hour drive. Absolutely nuts, especially considering the company.

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