Nov 28, 2003

None? There is a difference between religion and spirituality. Too many are brought up to feel that they must adhere to the specific "rules and regs" of a particular religion.

I am fortunate to have found an interfaith community, where I am free to use Buddhist prayer beads without declaring myself a Buddhist, recite prayers without declring myself either Catholic or Protestant, perform rituals without declaring myself Pagan.

Regardless of what the Bible says, it is still the "word of God" as interpreted by man.

I once saw a very amusing example of this. A simple sentence, like "I didn't tell everyone you were an idiot" with the emphasis placed on different words creating different interpretations.

"I didn't tell everyone you were an idiot." (Someone else did.)
"I didn't tell everyone you were an idiot." (But I should.)
"I didn't tell everyone you were an idiot." (They reached that conclusion entirely on their own.)

You get the idea.

So, thru various storytellers, interpretations, and translations, who really knows what the "word of God" was? What was mis-interpreted? What was twisted around? Ecclesiastical Whisper Down The Lane...

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