Nov 28, 2003

L.A. Official: Computer Labels Offensive : "LOS ANGELES - A county official has asked computer and video equipment vendors to consider eliminating the terms 'master' and 'slave' from equipment because they may be considered offensive. "

Well, I never...

I had no input into the designation of "official" nor for the qualifications thereof, so I am offended by the use of this designation for said person. As there are neither vending machines nor foot travel involved here, thus "vendor" is a wholly inappropriate term. Eliminating implies freeing oneself from, thus implying captivity or bondage, thus, again, a wholly inappropriate and denigrating term. Equipment, being defined as "something with which a person, an organization, or a thing is equipped" and as "equipped" is determined to be supplying "with necessities such as tools or provisions" and as there is no determination as to the degree of necessity or who is qualified to make this kind of a judgment, I also find this term offensive. And angels are everywhere. What right does this place have to lay claim to them?

"Primary!" "Secondary!" How offensive to pit one's capabilities against another!

Some people have too much time on their hands. Oh, right. Government employee.


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