Oct 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

One of the great things I remember about my childhood was being able to take off on my bike, ride down to the woods, and just wander. Walk in the stream, eat blackberries. Dunk silverleaf in the cool water and watch it shimmer.

Ticks were nothing more than an annoyance. The biggest danger was absently-mindedly walking through 7-year-itch, or the scare of encountering an unfriendly snake that hadn't scurried away fast enough.

The kind of adventures that I hoped my daughter could experience.

Unfortunately, by the time I had that daughter, well...the world was a very different place. The woods I walked were now housing developments. The streams were polluted enough to think twice about wading through, let alone drinking from. The only other water around was run-off from the new roads, driveways and parking lots, and occupied by disease-bearing mosquitoes.

Yes, the ice caps are melting. There are all kinds of dire warnings about the state of our world. All that's important, of course. But really?

I'd just like, someday, to watch my granddaughter jump on her bike and take off for a walk in the woods. And be safe.

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