Oct 13, 2007

Question the questions

I've reached the benchmark 5-0, and I still can't rattle off birthdays of relatives. Does it have anything to do with my memory? No. I come from a family that rarely sends birthday cards, goes out to dinner to celebrate, sends presents, throws parties. If there's nothing constantly reminding you, then why would you remember it? And the phone number? How many times do you call yourself? And what number do you use - home, work, cell, work cell? Come on. I think this poll would have a very different result if it had been asked 30 years ago, when you only had one home number to remember.

If you're going to perform polls like this, let's give a little more thought to what you're asking and leave the assumptions out of it.

When they were testing my daughter - at 3 years old - one of the objects they expected her to recognize was the silhouette of a telephone.

Like the rotary dial one she would have found in her great grandmother's house. Duh.

The downside of the outboard brain | 43 Folders

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