Sep 14, 2007

Gimme the news I want

Well, now, you'd think this would be fairly obvious. Who conducts these studies, any way? More important question - who analyzes this data? Better question - who pays to conduct these studies, and what interest do they have in the results?

Give us an easy way to determine what news we want to see - nothing to digg, or furl, or reddit, or clevernamedsiteofthemoment. Give us an easy way to grade what's provided, choose types of stories, etc. How about a "this sucks" button right on the tv?

Then conduct your surveys and tell us what ground-breaking analysis you've come up with.

PC World - Huge Disparity Among News Sites
"The other issue, which the report does address to a limited degree, is that audience for Digg and Reddit is principally young, male, tech enthusiasts," he wrote. "The 'users' or 'citizens' of these sites are in no way representative of the broad, diverse group of mainstream news consumers. The problem is that a very small percentage of Digg's and Reddit's citizens control the news on the site -- very much like a group of traditional editors. They may not be 'professionals,' but they are acting as a traditional editorial hierarchy."
At least Scott got it right.

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