Sep 14, 2007

I block ads.

I block ads.

I block ads because I am an intelligent, capable women.

I am able to determine when I want and need to buy a car. Until then, I don't give a damn that you, dear advertiser, think you have the best thing going and if I don't put my butt in the seat and my foot on the pedal right now, my life will be forever bereft of joy, satisfaction, and good health.

I am able to determine when I need something. I am able to determine when I don't. When I'm ready to buy something and want to know what the latest and greatest is, what the pricing structure is, and anything else that goes into the decision, I'll be glad to look at your ads. But until then, please get them out of my face. Especially when it's something I have never had, never wanted, nor ever intend to buy. Seeing your wonderful ad blinking incessantly on the side of the page is not going to change that. Sorry.

Until you can show me that you even begin to understand these concepts, that you agree to give me a choice to exercise my free will about what type of ads I see, when I see them, and how I see them, I will block ads.

Web ad blocking may not be (entirely) legal | CNET

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