Sep 25, 2007


Michael J. Klarman: Why Little Rock Mattered - Politics on The Huffington Post
Fifty years ago today, President Eisenhower sent federal troops into Little Rock, Arkansas to defend the right of nine African American students to attend formerly all-white Central High School.

And fifty years later, there is still fighting over something as petty as the right to sit under a schoolyard tree?

Why doesn't that seem completely idiotic to most people in this country? Don't we have more important things to deal with than the color of somebody's skin? People are dying because they can't get medicine or health care. There are people in this country who still don't know how to read. There is polluted air, and streams we can no longer swim in. Yet we are spending hundreds, thousands of dollars because someone wanted to sit under a tree and their skin was not the right color?

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