May 31, 2002

Dear Inner Critic,

Shut the fuck up. You are beastly and unfair. Much too critical. What do you do that is so wonderful? You chastise and clamor. You stifle. You are too much about structure and nothing about creativity. Encouraging creativity, and flow. You are not helpful at all.

You are the one that keeps the gates closed, that locks all the treasures inside.

What are you so afraid of? That I won't need you any more? You are like a jealous parent, no life after the fledglings have left the nest.

Find another vocation. Leave me alone. I want to write. I want to create beautiful and inspiring things. I know it is in me, struggling. Help me to bring it forth; don't stand there with your shoulder against the door and your feet firmly planted, pushing with all your might.

Open the door and lead them into the light. Nurture them, and teach them to grow. Your position will be set for life. And a much happier one.

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