May 25, 2002

Saturday Scruples

1. At a video store, someone is about to rent a movie you've seen. It's really bad. Do you say something?

No. If I had to suffer thru it, so do they! :-p Seriously, tho - to each his own, and all that.

2. Your former lover becomes famous. A tabloid offers you $50,000 for nude pictures and a "tell all." Do you sell?

Is that all? Hell, no! That'd be peanuts for what I'd have, baby!

3. You decide not to hire someone because he's wearing a nose ring. When he asks why he didn't make it, do you give the real reason?

Why would a nose ring be a problem? If it's really a "doesn't fit the company image" thing, ask if he'll take it out if necessary. Too petty to make it a big deal. Take a lot more than that for me not to hire him.

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