Aug 5, 2004

August has started on a fortunate note and the coming school year will be one we can look forward to. Not to go into details (which still infuriate me), let's just say it involves not implementing an IEP (against the law), a ridiculous and unknown zero-tolerance policy (possibly against the law, in this case), and blatant disregard for the laws regarding the right to a proper education. Since I have more than once hinted to the district that it's possible I'll hold them accountable (i.e. sue the bastards), they've reluctantly agreed to a different placement. I say reluctantly, as this was basically to save face. They seem to think I will not pursue this. They're not sure if I've contacted an attorney (I have) but also think I don't have the funds (I do). But, we're out of that school and into private placement in an amazing school that's based on Buddhist principles where the students (after completing what's required by the state) can actually pick their own courses of study. If there's no instructor, they'll find one. Or they'll learn along with the students. What education should be about.

And no, these students don't choose things like "The Impact of Reality TV on Snacking." That's already been reserved for those high-priced college curriculums.

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