Aug 29, 2004

My Unconscious Mutterings:

GAME BOY - mush. This is what your brain turns to when you can't pull yourself away.

Biopsy - fight. Had one. It was not good. It so just did not fit into my life at that point. So I did the only thing I could. But every now and then I feel like I'm here on a green card.

Attack - of the 50 ft woman. I don't know why this one popped into my head. I can visualize the old movie poster. I can also see the intro to that sitcom that Brooke Shields was in many years ago, the one where she was stepping over those buildings? Oh, yeah, ok. You were watching that highbrow stuff. Right.

Convention - Legionnaires. My other choice was smarmy. I guess you can see I haven't been to many I particularly enjoyed.

Jewels - fake. Or flashy. Jewelry is nice. Jewels are tacky. I just imagine a rotund matron waving a diamond encrusted gloved hand and acting like a pompous ass. Hmmmm.

Genetics - testing. And that's all I say on that subject. At least for now.

Impostor - This one just drews a complete blank. Really. I don't know why. I just visualize someone in a trenchcoat. Ok, that's it. Trenchcoat.

Doug - Cosby. I'm think of that actor that played Griffin - Doug E. Doug? Was that it? I wanted him to rent a room in my house. He was hilarious.

Arbitrary - capricious. These words just seem to always be seen together.

Oscillate - fan. I have an old, old fan like this. From my grandmother. They work well, but man, those things can cut your fingers off if you're not careful.

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