Aug 23, 2004

Interesting post over at gr8fulted about religious texts and the attitude of absolute adherence. I've long been mystified about the shouting of biblical quotations as a way to prove one's point and one's holiness.

Does it escape notice that this bit of literature was not transcribed as God was sitting there dictating to his secretary? How have we made the disconnect from how the content and meanings of discussions change the more they are repeated? Throw into that mix translation to another language and, well, there you have it. As many twists and turns in meanings as there are snowflakes.

Would you honestly want to stake your life, health, reputation or anything else of value on being able to repeat, without error and shades of inflection a conversation you heard yesterday? I wouldn't stake much on a game of "Whisper Down The Lane", and we're talking a simple phrase. So where on earth do people get the idea that these words, handed down over generations, translated into dozens of languages, told and retold by millions, are the absolute and irrefutable word of God?

I can't even tell you word for word what someone said to me 5 minutes ago. If someone like me was in this gospel chain, the Ten Commandments would resemble Firesign Theatre.

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