Aug 2, 2004

I have a mixed reaction to this. I mean, shouldn't your family already be pretty familiar with it? And if they're not, isn't it something you should be working on while you're still alive? Instead of paying some lawyer to, um, write it down for you?

I remember when my grandmother passed away - my father's mother. He's actually my step-father, but the only one I've really known, so making that distinction seems wrong, somehow. But his mother was different. There was always that underlying feeling of not being quite what she wanted that my mother and I both felt. So imagine our surprise when at the gathering after her funeral, we hear all the wonderful things she said about us.

All that time and emotion wasted. A connection never felt. Kind of like what you'd feel after reading this ethical will. For some it might be a warm and fuzzy feeling. But for me, the first reaction would be, well, WTF?

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