Jun 7, 2002

For those of you who read the adventure of the tree (it's back there somewhere, and I'd link it, but I'm too damn lazy), you'll remember that I got along ok with my neighbor until his tree fell down in my yard and he denied it was his. Which it obviously was - so much so that his insurance agent was embarassed to be representing him.

The tree treachery gave way to the boundary dispute, with him refusing to mow the 2" strip of ground that I suppose he was trying to say was mine, and so there, the tree must have been mine. Problem is, it's so clearly his ground as he's also left spots that arrow in between his own shrubbery. I suppose if he's trying to say the grass is mine, then it stands to reason the shrubs must be mine too. So I guess I can move them to a location I like better - like over to the other side of the yard. How does that grab ya', you silly twit?

Well, I left the grass as it is - he must have mistaken me for one of those obsessive-compulsive lawn jockeys who mow their grass every other day and trim it with cuticle scissors for that golf-course perfection. Wake up! I mowed the lawn 4 days ago and haven't gotten out the weed-whacker yet.

Which brings me to the subject of weeds. There's a big 'ol weed growing between the arborvitae planted not too long ago (some before the tree treachery, some after.) Jovial Joe must think I left it grow there on purpose. Now, if he thinks back, he'll realize that was always the last area I cleaned up in the Spring, because it's a pain and not actually a garden - just some iris that desparately need dividing. He can see the weed from his side, but I can't really see it from mine as it's partially hidden by the tree. I just never gave it much thought.

But apparently he has. So now he's left some huge weeds growing on the side of one of his shrubs. Facing my house.

I wonder if he sits up at night, fretting and plotting his next move? I bet he sits there, sipping morning coffee and discussing strategy. I'm awfully pleased I can provide such entertainment.

But I know he's dying to pull the damn things up. So it seems I'm the only one getting a real chuckle out of it all. Silly man.

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