Jun 21, 2002

Well, the kidlet is out of school for the summer, and my latest project has been finding her something to do besides gluing herself to one screen or another. Since there is no budget for summer camp, and since she's at that age where camp is a bore anyway, options are limited. She's signed up to volunteer at the library and has already put in a few hours. Altho not yet too thrilled about it, I think it will grow on her since she's a helpful sort at heart and will have a chance to showcase her cleverness and skill. A few others she knows from school will be there occasionally, and altho she is not friends with them, they do share some common interests. She's not too skilled in the social department, but since she does not have the best of role models (namely, me) that's not altogether unexpected. Hopefully, this experience will help with that.

As for me, I've put the word out that I'm looking for some part-time work, just to bring enough in to get some of these bills paid and allow me to concentrate on getting this business into a profit margin. Being in business for yourself is a bitch, as all those hats weigh rather heavy on your head; it's a rare bird who is skilled in all the necessary departments - marketing, sales, accounting, customer service, amintenance, reception, administrative and all the rest. It's such a roller coaster ride, and I need the hills and valleys to even out a bit so I can catch my breath.

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