Jun 26, 2002

Took kidlet to the library today for her volunteer work and came back with 3 China Bayles mysteries that I have not yet read. Goodbye, reruns - hello, settling in with a good book.

The dreaded report card came today. Not too bad, although there was one very unacceptable grade due to a lack of interest in turning in assignments. No excuses. The rest was ok, but with a little more effort could have been great. So the summer is definately going to be one of buckling down and taking a ride on the responsibility train. Now that the official teenage years have begun, we're taking the "Get Real" challenge.

Of course, we will also be learning how to get out and have fun. We have both spent too many years in a wash of gray, too much muddling of responsibility and leisure. It's time to make clearer distinctions between the two and see where the two can sometimes be one, owing to one's true passions, not laziness.

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