Jun 5, 2002

This whole Hoopty hullabaloo has shaking my head. I do like Jon's comment, and think he's hit the nail on the head.

Maybe it's because I'm older than dirt, or maybe it's because I'm a natural born cynic. (I almost got caught up in the whole Kaycee thing, too, but that little voice kept saying "waaaiiit a minute".) So I'm checking out the site of a guy who calls himself "hoopty". Who has a ring that focuses on a woman's natural (or not) endowments. The more exposed the better. Who likes the attention of women, the more endowed the better. The sexier, the better. The prettier, the better. A general, all-around, good-time guy if I ever saw one.

Donate money to this guy? Sight unseen? I wouldn't do it if he was my next-door neighbor for the last 10 years. Party with him? Sure. Lend him my lawnmower? No way. He's definately good for a laugh. But when responsibility steps in, this is the kind of guy that's gonna check out.

All in good fun.

Mom has spoken.

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