Jun 1, 2002

Now, it seems to me they should be able to have all the computers filtered so kids are protected. Suppose there's something you, an adult, want to look at... oh, ok, let's say porn. Well, you just go to the nice librarian and ask them to take the filters off.

But it seems some people might be too embarrassed to do that. Adult people. Full grown, responsible for their own actions, adult people. And the courts are a little worried about that.

My goodness. We certainly wouldn't want some poor 40 year old man to be embarrassed because that sweet little old librarian lady might think he wants to oogle at nekkid women. Good heavens, no.

We'd much rather the kids just fend for themselves. See what ever it is they might accidentally discover. What's a little shock, discomfort, and confusion in a child compared to a full grown adult being, my goodness, embarrassed? Better yet, let's drag poor mom or dad to stand behind them while they research their school report. Just in case.

Because, you know, we don't want that poor guy to have to be embarrassed.

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