Dec 29, 2003

"It's normal for part of the population not to know who their biological father is ... Therefore one can't demand every child's right to know its biological parents."

This is normal? Not to know your heritage? Not to know your family's history? It's these stories that keep civilization alive. Our roots. Who are ancestors were. The lives they led. The talents they passed on. It's what keeps us connected to the past and gives us hope for the future.

Civilization is not recreated from scratch every day. It uses the lessons from history. It's the sense of pride I get reading the story of my Highland ancestor and the hardships he faced coming to this country in the 1600's. It's knowing that I come from hearty stock that helps me to keep going when things are tough. I can call on the strength and perseverance of my ancestors. It's an invisible connection, an invisible strength.

That's what these children will never have. And it leaves an important gap. Just how effectively could Mr. Schou run his company if he had no idea of its history?

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