Dec 23, 2003

Not to mention the fact that hiding an accuser's relevent past promotes the notion that only the chaste need apply and does little to change the attitudes that women have a right to engage in activities purely for pleasure.

It also does little to make women responsible for their actions. While we should be as free as men to walk down the street to our car after dark, we must also realize that going to a man's hotel room, especially under the influence of alcohol, may be sending a message ripe for misinterpretation. That the man be the only one responsible for the outcome is just wrong, and does little to promote personal responsibility.

It also will never make a clear distinction between consent and attack if women are still being portrayed as innocent, non-s--ual, people-pleasing beings. As long as women are afraid to say a resounding "yes" without fear of being negatively labeled, we will never be able to voice a definitive "NO."

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