Dec 21, 2003

They are designing a car for affluent, independent women.

And brain dead?

Gull wing doors? Obviously these women don't have to load a kid into the car. Oh, that's right - the nanny does it.

Don't want to be bothered by maintenance? Yeah, that's for the affluent. I jump at the chance to spend 10 times the actual cost for a simple friggin' oil change. And I'm sure there are more than a few mechanics salivating at the thought that a car will now contact them to say ok, here's another opportunity gouge this idiot chick behind the wheel for repairs she doesn't really need.

An electronic emergency brake? If I got an emergency, buddy, I want something I can grab and hang on to. I'm not gonna be looking for a friggin' button somewhere.

No gas cap. A perfect hiding place for little Johnny's Tonka truck.

I can get behind the easy to clean and easy to park. Just make me a car that I can depend on. That reminds me when to change the oil, when to get gas, when my tires need to be checked. Where I can actually see to put the damn dipstick back in.

Make it heat up fast in the winter. Make windows I can open for fresh air without blowing my hair into my eyes. Easy to get roadside assistance from someone I can trust when it's late at night and I'm stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Something I can load the groceries in and not break the eggs at the first traffic light. Go crazy at the garden center and not have to go crazy vacuuming out the back.

Forget making room for my damn ponytail. Give me a car that gets me where I want to go, stylin' and easy maintenance.

Yeah, that.

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