Dec 21, 2003

It's not just an American phenomenon.

Whew. I'll admit, my parents are a big help. I get my car inspected for a Christmas present, heating oil for my birthday. Although not the most fun when it comes to opening presents, these gifts take a load off my mind. And as a single mom receiving little to no help from the dad, I'm grateful.

But I also do not take advantage of the situation. It really frosts me to see people taking from their parents for necessities like insurance and rent, then feeling entitled to go off on a vacation to the Caribbean. Who want the Bank of Mom and Dad to finance the groceries so they can have a little money to kick back at the bar with their friends. Who could actually make it on their own if they gave up the cable tv, unlimited calling plan cell phone, fashionably over-priced clothes. You don't need a gym membership. Clean your parent's house. There's your exercise.

Yes, the economy sucks. Being a single parent is hard, both emotionally and financially. There are things neither my parents nor I can control, like the costs of housing, insurance, and basic necessities. But there's a difference between necessities and luxuries.

Some "kids" need to learn that.

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