Dec 14, 2003


I recently made a change to a cd at a local bank that's undergone several changes since the cd was first opened, with degenerating effects each time.

An appointment that was supposed to take only an hour took an hour before I was even called to the desk to start the process. [Comfort #1] For which I got a (whoopie!) $10 AE thingie. The delay, actually, turned out to be a good thing, as it gave me the opportunity to see the appointment before mine try to get into their safety deposit box only to have the person handling that process be completely unable to find any record of them having one. [Comfort #2]

When my turn finally came, it seems the forms for all the necessary documentation were not complete. Ok, so running out of forms has happened to me - on a busy day it's hard to keep track, so I'll give 'em that one.

A phone call ensued, with a lot of "no, not that form" on the end I was privy to hear. A fax came. The wrong form. [Comfort #3]

The transaction was finally completed, and I went on my way. That little voice in my head was faint, but there. Should I have just closed the account and moved to the friendlier bank I have more trust in?

Then comes Comfort #4. I recently received a mailing to check on my address. Seems they've been sending my statements to the wrong town and have sent this mailing to both addresses so they can figure out which is the correct one for me.

Note my beginning paragraph. A local bank. We're located in the same town.

Sheesh. Obviously, I'm moving my account.

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